Online Shareholder Events

Ask, vote and capture

Across Australia the ASX 500 deliver approximately 1500 presentations and events to shareholders. We believe there is an imperative for Boards to report to their shareholders in an equal and uniform way, regardless of where they are and how they participate.

With the ever accelerating speed of communications and the problem with time poor people, we can offer solutions to provide your shareholders with the ability to watch and interact with your portal. With the ability to track and monitor usage, you can be sure that your audience is participating.

Securely deliver your message to your shareholders with ease and peace of mind.

Scenario 1 - The Business

Meet Stewart....

He is the CIO of a major company involved in distribution. He has 5 offices in major cities around the globe. His Board Members are mobile with many of them travelling at any one time. He needs to organise the AGM and is starting to bring together the numbers based on travel, accommodation, time involved, venue costs and so on.

Stewart needs a more streamlined solution that can suit his new age business yet still deliver the security and accuracy that is required for this scale of event. He needs to also make voting available and have the ability for resolutions passed and questions asked.

Scenario 2 - The Board

Meet Amanda...

Amanda sits on the board of several companies and is highly regarded in her industry. During a year, she will be required to attend many board meetings or be involved in extra events like AGM's or quarterly results. Around the end of financial year, she is pulled between many cities and is in a constant state of travel.

Amanda needs a solution that can better suit her schedule. She has multiple devices and uses thsee for information gathering, emailing, social media etc. She wants to be an active and responsible Board member however time constraints mean that she is unable to achieve the level of attendance that shareholders expect.

Scenario 3 - The Shareholders

Meet Raul...

He owns a large global share portfolio and finds it impossible to attend even a small number of the AGM’s he’s entitled to.

Raul needs the ability to virtually attend and securely interact with a multitude of AGM’s without having to schedule in the time or added travel expenses.