Online Training

Watch, educate and advance

Registered online training has become a normality to many organisation that need to educate users in new information. This type of training can be rolled out to organisations or to education groups. The ability for the users to be able to view and interact with content and people while having to follow a sequential process.

Training a new staff member, educating a team on a new product, qualifying for new skills, learning a new system. All can be done within a highly interactive and portal with usage tracking to give statistical analysis of your users. Understand if the message is being understood.

"Using this online training was a real delight. I could watch videos and slide shows in realtime and interact with questions and group chat. It was really useful to be able to communicate with my peers."
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Scenario 1 - the educator

Meet Stan....

Stan works for a large education group who is progressively trying to move int the digital world. Current methods of delivery and are expensive and time consuming. Stan just wants an easy option for delivering his modules to his students with the ability to gauge their level of understanding.

Stan also understands that one of the best parts about real-world education is the interactivity between students and educators. Real conversations that can lead to better understanding with tracked usage for greater outcomes.

Scenario 2 - the learner

Meet Jess...

Jess is a returning student with a part time job who finds it difficult to use the standard education systems. She loves the interaction of being able to talk to other students and her teachers but is unable to make the set times due to a busy schedule.

Jess has used other education platforms online and doesn't enjoy the experience. She usually finds herself juggling several devices to be able to view all the things she needs to learn. Jess just wants to login in to one page and do all the things she needs to learn.

Scenario 3 - the business

Meet Shawna...

Shawna is the CIO of a manufacturing business that has a large amount of staff in multiple locations all over Australia. She has a new product that she needs to educate her workforce on as it will become a part of their day to day life soon. Because of the large displacement of her workforce, travelling to each location will be very expensive and time consuming and Shawna is already very busy in her role.

Shawna needs to make sure that the staff have been educated and understood the content so she can award them a competency in the product. She needs real world understanding of and online delivery.