Product Launches

Stream and Interact

Companies are constantly releasing new ideas and devices to the public or to an internal audience. These launches need traction and the ability to extend their reaches to a greater audience via social media. Some events are completely based on the scale of audience that can be reached.

Social media is now a key tool to use in creating chatter around your release. With all the tools you need in one place, you can drive the conversation while staying on brand and on topic. Allow open conversation between your users as they also increase your reach and message drive over the life of your event.

"I Never knew that my audience size could be increased so much by using Eviport's Portal. We now have a great online presence and it's still generating feedback and chatter."
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Scenario 1 - The Production Company

Meet Jan...

She works for a major production house and has a new client with some special requests. They wish to stream a new product launch internally within their company to show and educate their staff on it's potential. She has not worked with any streaming services and is unversed with the technology.

Jan needs an and easy solution that she can work with to develop what she foresees the client is requesting. She also has seen some of theses events herself and feels that she needs interaction to provide a richer experience. She has worked with social media before and knows the advantage of increasing the reach and message scope.

Scenario 2 - The Brand

Meet James...

He is the media and marketing manager of a consumer product company, designing and creating custom solutions. Like his company, he has a progressive take on the delivery of his brand and message. The company is constantly needing to get message out to their base with update information, videos and more.

James has tried to release his campaigns on standard services but does not like how the experience is one sided. He wants to use all the tools at his disposal but does not want to juggle devices or logins to do so. Simplicity in delivery with social interactivity and maximisation of brand awareness.

Scenario 3 - The User

Meet Shakeel...

He has been waiting for the release of a new product that is due to be released soon. He has watched multiple videos on the upcoming launch and also read some documents but has to go to multiple sites and services to view them all. He also likes to chat to other people about his excitement using social media.

He would love if the company had a page that he could check all the time to get all the latest threads and posts with videos and information all in the one place. He could register for the portal, get regular updates, chat with others, ask questions, be involved in surveys and watch the latest news.