Dual Stream

Synchronised dual streaming windows for camera and presentation support in realtime.

Adaptive Bitrate

Adaptive video playback of content for the best quality on any device at any time.


Custom built engine for data gathering and delivering realtime usage statistics

Social Media

Social media tabs within the same page for interaction without redirection.


Email and password login with ability to manage user base with great specificity.


Realtime voting, on and off site, with live viewing of results in multiple views.


Ask and answer questions from the user base for clarity and extension of understanding.


Choose from pre-built templates or add your own style and look to increase brand awareness.

Dual Stream

Realtime Synchronised Video

Our unique dual stream solution displays your content in real time. One screen for the presenter, one screen for slides. Switch displays at anytime with one click. Both image windows are video sources. No Need to upload your pdf prior to the event.

Adaptive bitrate

Delivering the best

Adaptive Bit Rate technology allows users from all devices and all reaches of the globe near and far to engage. All streams are encoded with multiple Bit Rates to deliver the best quality video available for the users device.


Capture engagement

Measure how and when your audience has accessed your communication allowing you to follow up and re-engage with them. Every action within the portal space can be monitored and displayed in multiple formats.

Social Media

Drive the message

Built in social tools encourage networking both prior to, live and post, extending the lifespan of your message. Bring in all your favourite social feeds to keep users engaged and on topic.


Turn Key solutions

Invite only email verification allows access to the portal. Users are able to use multiple forms of authentication and can even integrate with current shareholder or user databases.

Voting and Polling

Know the results

Ask unique questions to specific audiences to gauge understanding and re-enforce the message. Know what your users understand and design better ways to improve delivery. View results in realtime in multiple formats with live updates.

Questions & Answers

engage your audience

Real-time question and answers with the speaker or official team behind the message. Query specific details and extend your knowledge around the message. Set up post event sessions to continue the conversation.


multiple tools

Off the shelf or completely custom, have all the tools at your disposal to implement the greatest result. From a templated structure to a complete white label product.