16 Feb
Technology advances in online event streaming.
The Future

Two of the biggest things in consumer technology adoption over the last few years have been the rapid growth and adoption of smart devices, the 'mobile' revolution, and the pretty much simultaneous explosion of video content online1.

The next wave, which is already happening, is live streaming of video on the internet, in fact YouTube is already a part of this (check out YouTube Live).

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23 MAR
Product launches: in person vs online. Getting the balance right
The Future

What's the first word that pops into your head when someone says 'product launch'? I bet it's an Apple product. Probably the launch of the iPhone. If there's one thing that Apple founder Steve Jobs did really well, it was the product launch. So much so that his approach and therefore Apple's approach to product launches are now the stuff of history - and case studies for marketing courses.

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